Our Philosophy

Our philosophy

Welcome to our dental practice.

We offer all the services expected in modern dentistry. In particular, these include the areas of periodontology, oral surgery and implantology.

As the patient, we put you at the centre of what we do. We see it as our mission to do everything possible to improve your dental health. With us, you benefit from many years of experience, continuous further training for our employees and high levels of personal dedication. We make it a priority to find out about your expectations and wishes before starting any treatment, and to discuss the various treatment options with you in detail.

In our practice, we offer dentistry of the highest standard, tailored to the individual patient. For every treatment, you receive a detailed cost estimate based on the new SSO rates. With us, pain-free treatment goes without saying – we aim to make your experience as pleasant as possible. Our practice is conducted according to the principles of Total Quality Management (TQM). We are also members of the Swiss Dental Association (SSO).


  • The oral health of the patient is the priority – no compromises
  • More than 80 hours of further training in dental medicine are undertaken each year, with the aim of keeping up to date with the latest professional knowledge and skills
  • Dental technical work is carried out exclusively at Swiss laboratories
  • Excellent X-ray diagnosis
  • Complex cases are handled by an interdisciplinary team, thanks to our network of specialists
  • Adherence to the highest standards of hygiene in accordance with Swiss Dental Association (SSO) guidelines
  • SSO members are personally accountable to their patients. Treatment is individually adapted to patient needs
  • Extensive patient information on different treatment options and the cost perspective
  • Detailed, comprehensible billing in accordance with the SSO dentistry rates

We look forward to meeting you!


The costs of our treatment are based on the official dentistry rates as laid down by the Swiss Dental Association:

You receive a detailed cost estimate for every treatment.


Tariff point values:

Private patients: 1.10

Dental hygiene services: 1.00

Welfare and social assistance/UVG: 1.00